Q: Do I need a Contractor license?

A: No, You will be partnering with us. We are an electrical and general contractor, we will handle all permitting, and installation and sign off details.

Q: Do I need solar or contractor experience?

A: No. We handle all the solar so you can stay focused on sales.

Q: Will I be trained?

A: Yes! You will be trained on solar sales and solar "thinking", you will be able to think through most issues that you face and more importantly, you will have direct access to our office and we will walk you through any problems you face at any time.

Q: Can I hire sales people?

A:  Yes. We will show you how.

Q: How soon can I make money?

A: You can start making money today! Your first customer may be right in front of you. You will be able to work with both homes and commercial properties.

Q: What if I already have a business?

A:  Solar can be a stand alone or the perfect add on for many businesses,  Contractors, Electricians, Home Repair, B2B Sales, Retail Centers, Spa/Pool Service, Home Designers, EV Sales, Real Estate and Mortgage Agents, so Many More....

Q: Where is Golden Gate Power located?

A:  Our main office is is San Francisco, CA. Find us on the web at www.GoldenGatePower.com

Q: What is the next step?

A: After our initial consultation and our mutual desire to move forward, we can begin. We will continue to work side by side to build your market share. Start the process by filling out the form below.

Solar Power is installed every 84 seconds and growing!

  • Marketing and logo materials specific to you
  • Build your own sales team
  • Forms, Contracts and Flyers
  • Access to other Green Building Products
  • Ongoing Training as you require

Ready to get started? Contact us using this form

  • Customized Customer Proposals
  • Residential and Commercial Projects
  • Professional Installations
  • Back Office Support
  • Financing options for your customer

Owning and operating an Authorized Sales Center requires an investment of capital. 

Partner with Golden Gate Power and be a part of the $15 Billion and growing solar power industry.

Solar Power is changing the way America gets its electricity and Homeowners and Businesses are now demanding solar power - for the environment, tax benefits and the monthly savings!

No Solar or Construction experience needed. We will train you and provide the infrastructure you need to succeed.
Work full time or add on to your current business. We will show you how.

Installations are done by our in-house installers or selected partners with long term comprehensive warranties, so your customers are always satisfied. You will be working in partnership with licensed Electrical and General Contractors, providing Sales, Service, Financing and Installations of Solar and other Green products to your customers.

Our partnership immediately puts you ahead of the game.​​

Solar is the right opportunity at the right time.  

Getting your share of the exploding solar market has never been easier! As a stand alone business or the perfect addition to your current business, solar is the ideal opportunity to increase your income. From marketing, proposals, financing and final installations, we are there with you. Based on your comfort level you can either handle the back office duties or we can do it for you. Either way, you will be ready to generate income right away. Our simple turnkey solution can put thousands of dollars in your pocket each month.

Imagine earning thousands from each current and past customers and prospects from your current business.

Perfect add on for Contractors, Electricians, Home Repair, B2B Sales, Retail Centers, Spa/Pool Service, Home Designers, EV Sales, Real Estate and Mortgage professionals , so Many More....